My name is Kevin Gunn and I am a research librarian, editor, educator, and indexer. I provide back-of-book indexing, specializing in the areas of English literature, drama and theater, media studies, philosophy, religion, history, library and information science, and children’s literature. Given my experience as a research librarian, I am comfortable indexing works in the humanities and social sciences.

Educational background

BA in Philosophy from the University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, Canada)

MA in Philosophy from the University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, Canada)

MLIS in Library and Information Science from McGill University (Montreal, Quebec). LIS 694 Indexing course with Christine Jacobs.

Certificate in Computer Information Systems from the Catholic University of America (Washington, DC).

Over the years, I have taken many courses on the digital humanities and data science. I keep current in the indexing profession by being a member of the American Society for Indexing, attending workshops and conferences, and belonging to interest groups and listservs.

Research Interests: Humanities research methodologies; digital humanities; digital scholarship, scholarly communication