Every book is different. To ensure an accurate quote, the following items are needed:

· general description of the book
· Table of contents
· One chapter (3rd or 4th is representative)
· Index specifications by the editor/publisher (style guide, index length, date of delivery of proofs, deadline date for the index).

Standard rates: scholarly books are $4.50 to $6.00 per page. Trade books and textbooks are $4.00 to $5.50 per page.

Factors that can impact a quote include: the density of the work, footnotes/endnotes, illustrations, and post-index editing.

Rush jobs are available, usually at a higher quote. Please contact me for more information (pegasusindexing@gmail.com).

My goal is for you to be happy with the final index. I encourage my clients to contact me during the indexing process with any questions. If I have questions, I will not hesitate to ask questions. Communication is the key to a good working relationship.

Once you have the completed index, we can discuss any changes that need to be made. Once we agree the index is complete, I will send you an invoice with payment in 30 days.